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2310D:: Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1  

6462:: Visual Studio 2008: Windows Workflow Foundation

6214A:: Effective Team Development using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 6463:: Visual Studio 2008 - ASP.NET 3.5

6215:: Implementing and Administering Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server  
6464:: Visual Studio 2008 - ADO.NET 3.5

6367A:: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008   50150:: C# 3.0 Programming in the .NET Framework

6368:: Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008  
50151:: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

6460:: Visual Studio 2008 - Windows Presentation Foundation
50218:: Windows 7 Training for Developers
6461:: Visual Studio 2008 - Windows Communication Foundation      
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Course numbers and titles are Microsoft Official Courses (MOC) and are delivered at and for Microsoft Certified Learning Solution Partners only. Equivalent courses using other courseware materials are available for other training venues.

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